Goodbye Mr. Jobs you get an “A”

This week was a sad time for the technical community with the passing of Steve Jobs. His vision and innovation changed the world for many people. The introduction not only of computing devices but the way we get music, movies and the revolutionary smart phones. I’ve never been a great follower or fan of apple as I am a Microsoft Certified Professional. Still over the last year of Grad school I have come to appreciate the products made by Mr Jobs’ company. I think his legacy ties into the vision of the book we are reading “The Art of Possibility “. He took chances, made a difference and was not afraid to follow his vision. I think everyone can agree Mr Jobs gave himself a well deserved “A”.

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Create a Movie Trailer using iMovie…

So lets say you have a lot of clips but nothing that you can make a good movie with. You still want to share what you have with friends. What should you do? How about making a movie trailer with some fast paced audio and fun titles. Using iMove this is simple and fun. The results will amaze you and your friends. It is very simple and has that professional look of a Hollywood studio.

Lets start by opening iMovie and creating a new project. Scroll down and you will see the trailer section. By clicking on a trailer you will get a sample view of what the theme looks like and the audio. Select the one that best fits your project. First you will complete the outline section. Each outline is slightly different. You will have sections for credits such as video, producer, actors and studio.

Once you complete this section you can edit the storyboard. Each section of text between clips can be edited or customized to fit your trailer. Finally you will fill in the shot list. This list will need several clips in each section. Clips are normally between 15 seconds and 1 minute. To begin simply highlight a section you want to use and iMovie will load it to the next section of the trailer. It will also trim the clip to the size needed so try to be close to the correct size when you select.

Once you are finished and view your creation it is time to share. You have several options here including a direct share to several of the more popular video host sites. Again this is a great way to take footage you can’t use for a full video and create something fun and different. Hope you enjoyed this… Thanks for reading!

Little Apple?

So for those of you who are new to MAC computing let’s take a peek at the apple in the left corner of the tool/menu bar.  If you click on it you’ll find “About This Mac”, Software Update”, “App Store”, System Preferences”, “Dock, “Recent Items”, “Force Quit” and of course your shutdown/logoff items.

These are quick resources and keep you from digging around in your applications folder trying to find information about your system.  The “About” function is great if you want to check your disk space, memory, key information and version number.  It is a quick and simple glance at what you have.

The other app under the apple you should get a good feel for is the “System Preferences”.  For you windows users think of this as your control panel.  From here you change your background, screensaver and change how your program dock works.  You have control over your hardware here like mouse, keyboard and printers.  Your network and internet settings can also be changed here.  Finally you will find additional system information in the application.

You should note that some options change under the apple icon as you open programs.  Explore and play a bit you’ll soon find this is a good place to start for many programs and settings.

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