Little Apple?

So for those of you who are new to MAC computing let’s take a peek at the apple in the left corner of the tool/menu bar.  If you click on it you’ll find “About This Mac”, Software Update”, “App Store”, System Preferences”, “Dock, “Recent Items”, “Force Quit” and of course your shutdown/logoff items.

These are quick resources and keep you from digging around in your applications folder trying to find information about your system.  The “About” function is great if you want to check your disk space, memory, key information and version number.  It is a quick and simple glance at what you have.

The other app under the apple you should get a good feel for is the “System Preferences”.  For you windows users think of this as your control panel.  From here you change your background, screensaver and change how your program dock works.  You have control over your hardware here like mouse, keyboard and printers.  Your network and internet settings can also be changed here.  Finally you will find additional system information in the application.

You should note that some options change under the apple icon as you open programs.  Explore and play a bit you’ll soon find this is a good place to start for many programs and settings.

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Welcome to Class mACT

After using a MAC Book for a while I finally decided to go all in a buy a desktop.  Then I thought there must be others out there who are making a switch or thinking about making a switch.  I decided to create a website to provide tips, tricks, and hopefully some help about MAC computing.

First things first I will answer the question is MAC easier than PC….  Answer no but at the same time yes.  It seems to boot faster, I have had no lockups or major crashes outside of some application glitches.  I have not rebooted or shutdown my MAC Book Pro in 4 months until I upgraded to Lion and since have not rebooted it.  It responds well and like I said has no major issues.

Now I still have trouble figuring out where things are for settings.  That part of MAC drives me crazy still after a year of using only MAC (outside of work).  I hate the fact you have to access the tool bar to actually close an application.  If I want it open I’ll minimize it not click the red x that should close the application.  Until Lion you had to use the lower right corner to resize program windows.

So all in all either platform is fine for home computing.  The one other thing I should say is you can dual boot a MAC and run windows on it or use virtual machine programs and use windows on your MAC that way as well.  I have been happy just using the MAC OS myself.   Now for those of you who think I am just a MAC freak let me give you a little background.  I am a Microsoft Certified Professional.  I have a BS in Information Systems and I have (at one time) held 53 industry certifications in products for the windows platform.  I have over 15 years of experience in the IT field.  I also conduct user training for windows based software.  I’m currently working on my Masters in Education Media Design and Technology.  So I’m perfectly fine working on/in the windows environment as well.